Friday, 26 December 2008

White Cow Woods Run

Well done to all 17 members of Peterhead Jogscotland who took part in the White Cow Woods 5 & 10k today, you all did brillant . I was especially proud of my daughter Stephanie who came first in the womans 5k, and well done to James Weir and Haley Birnie two of our younger members who successfully completed the 5k you both did great!!
Simply click here to see the rest of the photographs

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope you have all enjoyed Christmas !!! Eaten too much as usually glad we dont have a weigh in this week!!!
I have finally got round to putting on the photographs of Santa Run, thanks for being so good sports its was great fun!!!
To see the rest of photographs simply click here

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Joannes Birthday With A Difference

Joanne receiving her medal after completing the Help for Heroes Run recently
Joanne Duncan is asking all her family and friends to do something completely different to celebrate her 40th Birthday.
She asking everyone who is able to come along to Peterhead Football Club on Sunday 28th December at 2.15pm and donate a pint of blood. She is hoping to have at least 40 of her friends and family which would be fanastic!!
So if you are available on Sunday to give a pint, join Joanne you never know you might save a precious life with that pint of blood!!
What a wonderful way to celebrate Joanne's birthday dont you think!! Did you know that the level of people giving blood in Scotland is at its lowest since records begin, i didnt so that why i will be there on Sunday!!!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

London Marathon in Aid of Make A Wish

Me with 2 out the 800+++ calendars we have sold in aid of Make A Wish
As many of you know by now, i am running the London Marathon on April 26th (16 weeks and counting down!!) in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation. First of all i better explain what Make A Wish is. Make A Wish is a world wide organistion that grants wishes to young people aged 3 to 17 years living with life threatening illness. To find out more about the wonderful work of Make A Wish simply click here
I guess some of you will asking why Make A Wish. Two reasons our best friends lovely daughter Mikaela Nicol went over to Lapland with her Father David, Mother Moira, and her three lovely sisters Melanie, Melissa and Madeline with Make A Wish before she she died in 2003, and to this day its something they will always treasure. I remember seeing the video they took home with them and the real enjoyment/ fun they had to together whilst visting Lapland and Santa Claus even though Mikaela was seriously ill was wonderful to see. Also when Stephanie was over in Disney this year working she often came in contact with young people who were there with Make A Wish, and even though many were seriously ill the real enjoyment and pleasure they got from visiting all their favourite characters in Disneyworld was there for everyone to see, and is one of Stephanie's most memorable moments from her time out there. Therefore a few months ago i contacted Make A Wish and informed them i would be honoured to run the London Marathon on their behalf, if i got the opportunity. They in turn informed me that my name would go into a ballot and i would be notified if my name came out of the hat!! Well as you can see it did, and it's a real honour to be running/jogging or even walking (whatever it will take) for this wonderful charity that brings so much pleasure to so much young people with life threatening illnesses every year. This year they have granted over 600 wishes in the UK and by the year 2010 they want to be granting 1000 wishes a year. I have already made contact at Scottish Headquarters, and Amanda the Regional Fundraising Manager has given me assurances that every penny i raise will spent in Scotland, and locally if possible. Over the next 4 months we as a family with your help hope to raise enough money to put a family from our area over to Disney World Florida for the holiday of a lifetime. I am sitting here tonight quite humbled, so far in the space of six weeks i estimate we have raised approximately £1200. Most of this money has been raised through the sale of my calendars. We have sold over 800 which is quite remarkable given i thought we would maybe sell 100 at the most, and they are still selling well, thanks to M & Bs the shop in Queen Street!!
I was also down at the Fishermens Mission tonight for the Annual Christmas Carol Service and we received a cheque for the terrific sum of £360. This was a freewill offering which was given tonight in aid of Make A Wish. This was a wonderful gesture as the Fishermens Mission is charity as well, and in this difficult financial times is struggling to survive. Often its said that the Scots/ Aberdonians are mean, but that couldnt be further from the truth, as we have proved time and time again at Peterhead Jogscotland. (Fred's Mother in Law has even being making and selling toffee in Aid of Make A Wish, and has raised about £80) Whether it be for Make A Wish, Help For Heroes, Cancer Research, Lifeboat etc etc every fund raising event we have had at Peterhead Jogscotland has been well supported i thank you one and all. Over the coming months i will keep you informed how my training and our funding raising efforts are progressing. We love being part of Peterhead Jogscotland, and all the wonderful friends we have made through Peterhead Jogscotland. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Stephen and Roselyn xxx

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Help For Heroes 5 and 10k

Hazel, George and Ian with members of 1990 (ELLON) Squadron
who did a wonderful job of marshalling on the day!! Thanks to all those who took part in the Help For Heroes 5 and 10k, and showed great support to our wonderful troops abroad including John Ross Hazel son who is a member of Royal Engineer in Basra Iraq. As a result Hazel will be handing over of cheque to this wonderful charity on Monday night for £1300.
Also thanks all those who donated food for afterwards at Living Waters Church.
To see all wonderful photographs that Alexander took on the day simply click here

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Charity Weight Loss Challenge

Congratulations to Marshall Birnie who won our first ever Charity Weight Loss Challenge. Between Monday 25th August 08 and the Ist December 08 Marshall lost a magnificent 1 Stone 3Ibs. Marshall decided to donate his winnings (£150) to the wonderful charity Guide Dogs For the Blind. In total our group lost 9 Stone 5Ibs, which is fanastic!!!. However can we beat this total next time???
Yours truly lost 6Ibs which i am quite pleased about, however Mr Campbell managed to beat me a Ib or 2 which i not happy about!!! Only kidding well done to Stephen you have more will power than me.
Please tell your friend/family we will be starting our Second Charity Weight Loss Challenge on Monday 26th January. Remember we are not dieting we are simply eating Healthy and getting more active, and so far the results speak for themselves!!!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Help For Heroes 5 an 10k

We are really looking forward to our Help For Heroes 5 and 10ks on Saturday, please be there about 9.45 to register and pick your Help For Heroes Wristband. We will have a few surprises along the way to keep you entertained!! Remember if you have any friends who wish take part simply tell them to turn up on the day, with a donation for Help For Heroes!! After the run you will have time to have a shower in the pavilion or at home. We meet at Living Waters Church at 12 noon for soup and sandwiches and fine piece from Simpsons!! We are really grateful to 199o (Ellon) Squadron for coming along to Marshal on the day, and for all those are helping us on the day.
Hopefully we will raise lots of money for this wonderful charity!!!
And we will be presenting the winner of the Charity Weight Challenge with cheque in aid of their nominated charity. It promises to be a great day!! If you require any further info simply email me on
Thanks for all your support.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Where on You Tube and Bebo

We are really keeping with the times!! We are now on Bebo and You Tube Diane has created a wonderful site on Bebo and theres lots of photographs of Saturday!!! Simply click on this link. Also thanks to the wonderful jogscotland team in Edinburgh we are also on You Tube!! Simply click on the following links to see Saturday nights events unfold!!! To see me receiving my award click here!!
To see our group receive our award click here
To see us being interviewed after receiving our award click here

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Peterhead Jogscotland Group of the Year 2008!!

Well as i write this i still cant quite believe it, we have been chosen as the Jogscotland Group of the Year, and i have been chosen as the Jogscotland Leader of the Year for 2008!!! Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate me it has been quite overwhelming the level of support the group and myself have had from all quarters!! As you can imagine we had a really memorable night and meeting Paula Radcliffe made it even more special. We really love being part of Jogscotland, and we have made so much special friends since we started Peterhead Jogscotland. A special thanks to all our wonderful jogscotland leaders we couldn't have done it without you and really appreciate your support and enthusiasm in making a big impact in the blue toon and beyond. We have lots more photographs and i will try and get them all on the blog as soon as possible. In the meantime please join us tomorrow night even if the weather does not allow a jog we will be celebrating!! To see some photographs of our special night simply click on Thanks to each and everyone of you Stephen and Roselyn xxx

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Help For Heroes 5 and 10k

John Ross During His Last Tour Of Duty In Iraq

Hazel's son John leaves for Basra in Iraq on the 22nd November. John is a diver in the Royal Engineers and is being posted to Iraq for 6 months. This will be his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. Please pray that John and his colleagues all return safe and well from their tour of duty.

As a result we have renamed our 5 and 10k on Saturday 6th December Help For Heroes 5 & 10k. We have purchased 100 Help For Heroes wristbands and we are inviting you to wear a wristband on that day to show your support for John and our wonderful troops, who give up so much that we might enjoy our freedom. Hazel will be jogging the 10k in aid of Help For Heroes (a charity which looks after our troops should they be injured during the current conflicts). Why not sponsor Hazel or simply give a donation in return for a Help For Heroes wristband. Even if they are not a member of Peterhead Jogscotland why not invite some of your friends to take part in our Help for Heroes 5 or 10 k i am sure they will enjoy it, and we will have lots of eats afterwards. Simply give their names to me or email me at by Wednesday 26th November. Everyone completing the Help For Heroes 5 or 10k will get a medal, and eats afterwards at Living Waters Church. Wouldnt it be wonderful if all our Help For Heroes wristbands were used on the day!! To learn more about the Help For Heroes Charity simply click on this link If you wish to take part in this event or have a

Thanks for supporting John, Hazel & Family and all our wonderful troops,

Monday, 10 November 2008

Santa's get fit in time for Christmas

I know most Santa's use a sleigh to get about, well these Santas (members of Peterhead Round Table) have decided to get super fit for the busy time approaching by joining Peterhead Jogscotland and jogging around the town.
As result when they do there annual collection around Peterhead for Local Charities from 8th to 12th December they will be doing it twice as fast as previous years. Your never know they may even start their own of JogSanta club. To see the rest of photographs simply click here

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Jogscotland Awards 2008

Well i quite cant believe we have been short listed in all three categories for the Jogscotland Awards 2008 down at the Marriot in Glasgow on the 22nd November. To make it even more special, the special guest on the night will be Paula Radcliffe fresh from her win in the New York Marathon.
Its hard to believe what we have achieved since we started Peterhead Jogscotland at the Community centre before we moved to Catto Park. On that very first night in February last year Yvonne came along with Joe and by her own omission struggled around the route, 18 months on by her own determination and will power (and the encouragement of all at Peterhead Jogscotland) she is now training for a half marathon. Yvonne and Stuart Main (who shows terrific spirit despite the injuries he suffers) both have been short listed for Jogscotland Acheiver of the year. When you think there is over 10, 000 members of Jogscotland this is a wonderful, wonderful achievement and should not be underestimated. Whatever the outcome on the night we are really proud of both Stuart and Yvonne and all the members of Peterhead Jogscotland.
We are also short listed for the Group of the Year, which is just wonderful and when think there are around 300 groups in Scotland its amazing!!
Thanks to everyone who voted for me to be Jog Leader of the Year. As i have said time and time again i love being part of Peterhead Jogscotland and all friends i have made through it. I could never do what i do without the help and support of other leaders, and the patience of my wife!!
91 people attended Peterhead Jogscotland this week with the leaders thats over a 100 people. I remember that very first night we started, one of the receptionists at the Community Centre said to me "You may get a turn out for a start but the people of Peterhead dont stick anything and your numbers will soon dwindle, how wrong she was!!!!
Next year we start a beginners course again on Monday 26th Jan why not encourage a friend or family member to come along and join us. You never know they might be our next Achiever of the Year!!!! and they may even end up at the Award Cermony in Glasgow next year, or the year after like Yvonne or Stuart!!

Friday, 31 October 2008

Santa Fun Run

In aid of poverty in Africa why not have a day out with the family in Aberdeen and take part this 6k walk, jog or run event from Pittodrie Stadium. Its on Sunday 30th November for more information go to or call 01667 451831

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Jogging Tomorrow Afternoon (Sunday 26th Oct)

Weather Forecast for tomorrow is better i promise!!! As a result what about a leisurely jog on Sunday Afternoon!!!
Beginners Group -think you would like to give 5k ago now? Then why not join us to tomorrow afternoon at 2pm from Catto Park. I did a long run today with Leigh and Stephen so will be taking my time i promise.
Intermediate group if want to come along the choice will be yours 5 or 10k or even more??

Friday, 24 October 2008

Jogging into old age

If any of your friends think they are to old to jog just look at me and Stephen C!!! Just kidding please show them this article on the jogscotland website.
I hope you take time to go onto the jogscotland website they have lots of useful information

Friday, 17 October 2008

Calendar 2009

I have made a number of Peterhead Jogscotland 2009 Calendars if you would like one the cost is £4, and all money raised will go to Make A Wish, the charity i am running/jogging/ walking or even crawling the London Marathon in aid off.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Make New Routes

Last week i was searching the web when i came across this site for making routes and keeping a log of your runs looks really easy to use.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Jog with Fred(Thursday)

If anyone wants to go for a jog join Fred tomorrow lunchtime 12pm at the ASCO security for a jog along the Lido.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Waterside Inn Leisure Club Membership

Diane is on a real fitness craze just now!! As a result she has been speaking about joining the Waterside Inn Leisure Club!!! They have informed her if she can get 20 members from Peterhead Jogscotland to join, they will get it at the reduced rate of £169 per year, instead of £450. If you are interested give your name to Diane asap. Only condition of joining is you will not be allowed to go out to the Leisure Club between the hours of 6.30-7.30 on a Monday or Wednesday night!! Ha Ha!!!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Angela Off To Oz!!!

Best Wishes to Angela who leaves for Australia on Friday. Everyone at Peterhead Jogscotland will miss you, and we look forward to you re- joining us in a years time, with your Aussie boyfriend????Lol xxxx p.s You could start a JogAustralia!!!! and finally remember to send some photographs for the blog!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Bennachie Madness

Well all the mad hill runners have returned to sea level after there heroic efforts today. Well done to Fred for his efforts in raising money for Make A Wish. Joking aside (for a change) i am really proud of our Peterhead Jogscotland hill runners they all did brillant, and believe it or not we had a real fun day!! To see the photographs click here

Jog with Fred!! Asco along the Lido!!

Why join Fred on Tomorrow lunchtime 12 noon (thursday) for a jog along the lido front from ASCO gate (same route as a Marinathon).

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bennachie Madness

Good luck to Fred, Stephen C, Stewart S, Adam and yours truly. Believe it or not tomorrow afternoon we are taking part in the Bennachie Hill Race (or probably in my case the "Bennachie Crawl"). When Fred said to me early this year that his annual funding raising event this year in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation was to be the Bennachie Hill Race i immediately agreed to do it with him not thinking much about it!!! However today its a different story -looking outside, and after 4 weekends of hill training on Mormond hill (which is about half the height of Bennachie) i think we are MAD!!!! IF we survive full details will appear in the blog in due course. Well done to Fred The Make A Wish Foundation is a fanastic charity see each year he raises £100s for it!!! Why not show him your support by bring along another £ on Monday!! To see a few photographs of us training on Mormond Hill simply click on

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Charity Weight Loss Challenge

Well thats over 5 weeks since we started our Charity Weight Loss Challenge and the results so far have been great. Our group has lost 5stone 5Ibs in total since started which is fanastic, one gentleman who shall remain nameless at this time has lost just over 8Ibs, and lady has lost over 6Ibs which is amazing in only 5 weeks. Remember we not dieting we are trying to eat more healthy and get more active, and to date it seem to be working well. I have lost about 5Ibs so i am really pleased, and i have managed to overcome the temptation of the dreaded sausage sandwich for our works canteen for a few weeks now which i am really proud about!!! How are you getting on why not email me and let me know, or have you any healthy eating recipes you would like to share with us??
Remember if you have any stories you would like to share, simply email me and i will put them on the blog.

Health Fair/ Run 4 IT Party

I hope you enjoyed Wednesday night, i would especially like to thanks Steve & Kerri from Run 4 IT, Ingrid from Nhs Grampian for coming all the way to Peterhead, and providing us with so much useful information.
I hope you found it useful too!! Ingrid was really impressed how interested everyone was in the healthy eating and she really enjoyed her time in Peterhead. We hope to have her back in Peterhead in the near future to give us more tips on healthy eating.
To see the photographs click here

Diane and Katrina Take London By Storm

Last weekend Diane and Katrina went down to London for the weekend, and need i say they took part in the competition to see who can get their photograph take in the strangest place with their Peterhead Jogscotland T Shirt on, the results were hilarious!!!!. Why they didnt land up in Scotland Yard i dont know!!. Joking aside they were great sports, but can their photographs be beaten. By the way if you havent got a Peterhead Jogscotland T Shirt we have ordered another 50 cost is only £10 each To see Diane's and Katrina's photographs simply click on this link

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Jogging Tomorrow (Saturday!!) 27th Sept

Just a very quick note to say that we are jogging tomorrow morning at 10 am from Catto Park, we were going to use the running track, however the fitba pitch in the middle is being used by the schools football so we will probably just do some of our usual routes. Both beginners and intermediates are welcome to come along, beginners will be doing the same as we did on Monday but a different route. Brillant night on Wednesday i hope to get the photographs on tonight!! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Health Fair/ Run 4 It Party - Wednesday Night

I hope you will manage along to our first Health Fair/ Run 4 IT Party on Wednesday night from 7pm to approximately 9pm. There will be lots to see and do!! Run 4 IT will be selling all there running gear at a discounted rate (cash, cards and cheques will be accepted). Steve Barret the Store Manager in Aberdeen an experienced runner who recent completed the Peterhead Triathlon will be there with his team to give you advice on the best type of footwear/clothing that will suit you , and you will even get a chance to try out the footwear on a running machine if you wish. Kerri a Physio who is also employed by Run 4 iT will be in hand to give any advice on any aches and pains you might pick up whilst jogging. Ingrid Penny a Health Information Assistant with NHS Grampian will also be along to give you/ me advice on Health Eating. We are also hoping to have a Health Eating Bar, where can try out several types of smoothies, fruit kebabs etc. Dont forgot take your free prize draw vouchers along on the night (and again we will be giving them out on Monday night ). We are hoping to have some good prizes on the night!! The Health Fair/ Run 4 IT party is taking place in Living Waters Community Church Windmill Street Peterhead. Directions are as follows- pass the Balmoor Stadium turn off (were we meet ever week), head towards the town centre- take the second turning on your left onto Victoria Road, then take the first turning on you right into Windmill Street, Living Waters Community Church is just on the left 50 metres down the street. Please be considerate to local residents and park on the same side as Living Waters Church or slight further down the road on the right hand side clear of the houses.
Please feel free to take any friends along with you on the night, especially if they are interested in joining our group.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Fred On Thursday!!!! Cancelled This Week!!

Available for a jog on Thursday lunchtime, then why not join Fred on Thursday at 12 noon. Fred will be going for a jog from the ASCO Security Gate along the front of the Lido to the Kirkburn mill and back. This will take about 30 minutes.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy Birthday Robert

It was Roberts birthday yesterday, i am sure all at Peterhead Jogscotland would like to wish him
happy birthday.
Dont tell him, but we may have a surprise for him on Monday night. In the meantime if you see him wish him many happy returns!!!

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Fred told to me about this website ages ago and i forgot to put it on, its fanastic for runners/joggers. You can keep a record of all your runs on it and has so much information Fetcheveryone is a fast developing site for runners, catering for over 17000 registered users. It provides COMPLETELY FREE facilities for runners to keep a record of their running activities, and the opportunity to read about the activities of their fellow runners. There goal is to continue to develop the site to meet the needs of our growing community, and to keep these facilities free for runners. As a user, the best place to begin is to build a portfolio of your past and future races. The site automatically calculates your personal best times over a variety of "standard" distances from 5k to marathon. If you don't compete in races, you can also use our site to track your training. You can either enter your times and distances as you run them with our training log, or you can plan weeks in advance with the training planner. You're not restricted to running either - the site also captures basic information about a variety of cross-training types. When you need inspiration, have a flick through the community training diary. You can track the mileage on your trainers, so you can work out when it's time to replace them. With our knowledge base, they provide an arena for you to discuss your running issues with your fellow runners. To register simply go to

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Our Jogscotland Leaders

Without the help of all our jogscotland leaders it would be impossible to do what we do. Most of our leaders only started jogging seriously (if thats what you call it, as we never take ourselves serious!!) when they joined Peterhead Jogscotland. Best of all we are now all friends, which is a real bonus of Peterhead Jogscotland, i hope you will make lots of friends through Peterhead Jogscotland as many of our group have already done.
In the last month Leigh and Hazel have both trained as leaders, we really appreciate them giving up their Saturday to go all the way to Stonehaven to complete the days training course which was organised by The Scottish Athletics Association. This Saturday Stephen Campbell and Stuart Chalmers are going up to Inverness to complete the course there , again we really appreciate them giving up their Saturday, and i know they will both be a great asset to us in the future, as have Hazel and Leigh.
Leigh sent me this email after she completed the course which she wanted me put on the blog!!
If you ever get the chance to go on one of the jogscotland leaders courses, definitely do it!!! I must admit I was a wee bit apprehensive, its been a long time since my brain's done anything like that!! It was a couple from jogscotland Stonehaven who took the class, they were really fine, reminded me of Stephen and Roselyn!!Most of the course is in the classroom but its all stuff that's interesting, not just listening to someone rattle off facts and figures!!! I think the most important thing to stick in my mind is that you don't have to be a good runner to make a good leader!!!
Thanks Leigh for your email. In the coming months as our group grows and develops we will be looking for more leaders, as Leigh stated " You dont have to be a good runner to be a good leader".

Sunday, 7 September 2008


You will be asking what RTN@PJ means??? Will it means Running Track Night At Peterhead Jogscotland.
We are very fortunate to have a running track in Peterhead, and its a pity thats its not used more!! On Friday night this week we plan to change all that!! So if you are available between 6.30 -7.30 come down (even with the kids) and let get active on the running track.
We will have 3 different groups to suit all levels of fitness and ability
  1. Doing a 5k -13 laps of 1 min slow, faster, quick pace
  2. Doing a 5k - normal pace
  3. Doing a 2.5k or 6 laps of track -basic same as beginners group 5 minutes walk, 2minutes jogging/ 2minutes walking for 14 minutes and then 5minutes walking.

Please join us on this free night you will enjoy it, i promise!!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Health Fair

Just to confirm we are having our Health Fair at Living Waters Community Church Windmill Street on Wednesday 24th September at 7-9pm. Run4it will be exhibiting and selling a wide range of running shoes and clothing with a special discount of 15% on the night. There will also be some spot prizes for those attending on the night, and the Run4it team will also be giving useful tips on the best type of footwear and running gear.
We will also have a presentation from a Health Information Officer from Health Point (NHS) in Aberdeen, giving you (and me information) on health eating etc.
Please come along and join in the fun, and take a friend if you wish. We also hope to have some "health eats" and drinks on the night.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Peterhead Jogscotland Picnic 08

Apologies to CATHERINE for not putting these wonderful photos on sooner (i am not to blame if you feel that your Human Rights have been breached, as i didnt take them, but i must say you all look ridiculous!!).
Who was the picnic for anyway?? I thought it was for kids, but looking all these photos i am not so sure!!! Seriously thanks for all being so good supports, and well done to the Ladies one won the rounders, men you really did let the side down!! Heres to next year, wonder if i could get even more crazy hats......... . Simply click on the link-

Peterhead 10K

Well done Steven Campbell, Stuart Main, Yvonne Singh, Joe Murray, Leigh Forman, June Dickie, Stewart Wood and Yours Truly who completed the Peterhead 10K today, a special word for Stuart M and Yvonne who both recently under went operations and still managed to complete it in very good times. WELL DONE TO YOU BOTH YOUR AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL.
Sorry the photographs are not as good as usually, there was a setting in our camera wrong!!! DAH!!! To see the photographs simply click on this link

Friday, 29 August 2008

Charity Weigh In

Being a former fisherman i'am on a seafood diet, i see food and i eat it!!! Just joking!!!!!
But its terrific that 28 of us (including yours truly) have taken up the charity challenge to loss a bit of weight. I was really getting on well this week (yes its confession time) until i went over to the canteen at work this morning, and ended up for "some reason" having a sausage sandwich!!! (Hope Ros doesnt read this!!!). However overall i have been doing quite well, and i feel that over a period of time if i stick to eating healthy (minus the sausage sandwich) and cutting out the junk (i love a sweetie!!!) and jogging a few times a week i will lose the extra pounds. I would like to get down to just around 12 stone when i weigh in again in December.
Since we started our group a number of people have lost weight. Yvonne and Stuart have lost an incredible 8 stones between them. I must emphasis they havent lost there weight just through jogging alone, but through a combination of healthy eating, cutting down, and getting more active!!!! However we are very proud of the fact(and of them offcourse) that they felt more motivated and encouraged to lose weight after joining Peterhead Jogscotland, and we hope you will be too!!! Yvonne won our first ever acheiver of the year award at our first AGM in May, and you can read about it if you look on the May blog. Also Stuart has become a bit of a celebrity and featured on the Jogscotland website in June ( have a look at our blog in June), and recently was in the Scottish Slimmers Magazine the BOOST.
By the way they are both jogging the Peterhead 10k on Sunday (leaves from across the bypass beside the Dales Pavilion), why not come along and support them, it starts at 1pm and they will take around about about an 1hr to 1hr 20 mins. This is really fanastic given they only started with us last year. Stuart and Yvonne are a real encouragement to us all rarely missing a session, if you have any questions you would like ask them, i know they would only be to willing answer them.
Finally they say that confessions are good for the soul!! Next week i am determined to avoid the temptation of an Saus...Sandw...again. This is Stephen Bruce reporting from Peterhead Jogscotland Blog over and out!!

Welcome to your blog!!

Welcome to your blog it was fanastic to see so much beginners coming this week, and joining Peterhead Jogscotland. We now have believe it or not 130 members of Peterhead Jogscotland and we are growing all the time!! Leigh Forman and Hazel Lillie are both down at Stonehaven training as Jogscotland leaders tomorrow, and Steven Campbell and Stewart Chalmers are going to Inverness in September. Its fanastic to think that we only started last February and we have 14 leaders trained, without all their help and dedication it wouldnt be possible to do what we do.
Remember if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions dont hesitate to get in touch, we want everyone to feel part of our group, as we wouldnt have Peterhead Jogscotland without you!!
If you have any family or friends who would like to join us, they will still be made very welcome. However i would suggest the sooner they join the better for themselves! What we have found after about a month when we get onto the continous jogging it can more difficult to catch up, with those who been from the beginning of the 15 weeks, especially if they haven't jogged before or for a longtime!!
Our Motto at Peterhead Jogscotland is-
Fun - We hope you will have a fun time at Peterhead Jogscotland Fitness- We hope you will see an improvement in your fitness at Peterhead Jogscotland Fit Like- Fit like are you?? Jist a bit of fun, but hopefully after a while at Peterhead Jogscotland you will be able say GREAT!!! Friendship- We hope you will make new friendships at Peterhead Jogscotland

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Beginners On Monday Night

Just a reminder we start the new beginners group on Monday at 6.30pm. Please tell all your friends about it, and remember we are very keen to encourage families to come along.
Remember we were all beginners at one time, i never started jogging till i stopped the sea in 1998. Its amazing to see how many of our group have improved their fitness, and as a result their health/lifestyles since we started in February last year.
Heres hoping we have many more people next week who take the step to a healthier lifestyle whilst having fun at the same time.
If any of your friends require further information give me an email at or call on 477148
regards Stephen

Friday, 15 August 2008

Well Done To Edna & Michelle

Well done to Edna and Michelle for walking the 95 miles (yes 95 miles!!!) of the West Highland Way in aid of a school in India. As soon as they know the amount of money they have raised they will let us know!!
Thanks to Edna for sending me this really good write up today, about their experiences along the way!!
We had a great but challenging time over our 6 days with lots of new experiences.Starting off with, as the taxi driver called it, a 12 mile walk in the park in lovely weather, cloudy but perfect for walking. Next day after B&B, a 14 mile day, bucketing rain,mixed terraine, learning that you can't always go round the puddles because parts was more a like a river. Youth hosteling and bunk beds being another new experience for us older two.Day 3 experienced the midgies for the 1st time and 'the hard slog day' again 14 miles,first half being walking on a track and hilly but not too bad going, afternoon saw the rough clabbering over rocks and trees followed by arrival at the highlight accomodation (joke), the wigwams, they were awful. Next day, an early start 7.30 off for our 20 mile day, mixed hilly footpaths and tracks taking us through Tintrum and on the Bridge of Orchy. Day 5 another 20 miles with steep hills including the devils staircase where i needed my extra glucose gel for energy to get to the top through battling the midgies which were at their worst here, having found out in previous days that i was allergic to the avon stuff that is raged about for being fantastic for midgies. Bruce told me the morning we were at the wigwams I could have carried my shopping home from Morrisons in the bags below my eyes they were so swollen!!!! However we reached the top and on down hill (steep) into Kinlochleven to our next hostel. Day 6 our final 15 miles, a steep climb in the early morning but a beautiful view looking back, was mixed weatherwise as were to bed ready for returning to Glasgow on Monday. the others, but it was an pleasant walk through Lairigmor towards Ben Nevis and down through the Glen arriving at Fort William at 2 pm to stay our final evening at the bunk house there. We even managed to attend church that evening and none of us fell asleep, then out for celebration meal and then off to bed ready for returning to Glasgow on Monday.
I know you will enjoy the photographs they have kindly sent me, simply click on this link

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

BRG Challenge

Despite the weather conditions being far to warm (25 C), six of us completed the 17.5 mls challenge to Gamrie from Fraserburgh (via Rosehearty). Well done to Steven, Stuart, Leigh, Fred, Lee and yours truly.
NEVER AGAIN!! (well maybe next year!!)
I see the date for next years event has been already set on the their website 27th June 2009, and they have some photographs available at
If you want to see our photographs simply click on this link

Friday, 8 August 2008

Catherine at the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Last Month i started a competition to see who could get their photograph taken in the most spectaular place with their Peterhead Jogscotland T-Shirt on. This one of Catherine and Peter on the sky walk which "overhangs" the Grand Canyon is fanastic, but can it be beaten?
To learn more about the amazing skywalk, simply go to the offical website
or to see more views of the skywalk on you tube, simply click on this link
Well done Catherine, thanks for sharing the photograph with all of us. By the way i just luv the footwear!!

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Saturdays Fun

Just a reminder we are meeting at 11 at the pavilion for our run, then afterwards we are meeting at the Hoose in Windmill Street at 1pm for eats. If you are free please join us, i am sure you will enjoy the jog and eats afterwards. We providing the eats ourselves so if you wish to bring something along feel free!!!!! ie Sandwiches or a sweet.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Peterhead Marinathon Photographs

Thanks ever so much for your help last Monday, it went really well.

If you or you friends want any of the photographs just send an email or give me a call

Simply click on the link below

Thanks again


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Marinathon Tomorrow

Dear All Hope the weather will be better tomorrow. If you are able to come down early and help people register we will be at the sailing club from about 5.45. Registration starts at 6pm. If you have friends /family coming tell them to be early, we are expecting plenty of people. Remember if you have children in fancy dress they go straight to the heritage centre, fancy dress starts at 6.15 and you and them will be able to register up there!!! Dont worry we will make sure all the kids and adults are down before we start the marinathon. Dont ask but in the afternoon we are filling ballllllloooooooonnnnns, you will see the effect when the Marinathon starts!!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Route tomorrow 14th July

Route this week is as follows Catto Park, Crossfolds Crescent, The Line, Cut of line through Inverugie Court, Collieburn Park, Ugie Path down to bridge, Promenade, Buchanhaven Harbour, Hay Crescent, Balmoor Terrace.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Peterhead Jogscotland Shirts

Since we got our new Peterhead Jogscotland Shirts i have had a lot of comments from people outside the club on how smart they look! I know a lot of you are going holiday over the next few weeks so come on send me your photographs with your Peterhead Jogscotland shirts on from different parts of the world, and i will publish them on the blog. At the Agm next year their will a prize for the best one sent in i promise!! Hope you like this one of Roselyn, Stephanie and me taken at Epcot in April this year.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Dates for your diary

Just a quick reminder of some dates for your dairy Saturday 19th July Starlight Parade Monday 21st July -Peterhead Marinathon-help wanted on the night!!!! Saturday 2nd August - Buckie Jogscotland 5k and 10k and free buffet lunch Monday 25th August -New beginners 15 week programme -please tell all your friends!!! Sunday 31st August -Peterhead 10k -please support this local event.

Mondays route 5k

Here is the route for Monday 7th July. Hope you have had a good weekend

George Garden Avenue - Blackhouse Terrace-Ugie Road -Ugie Street

Port Hendry Road-Around the Harbour-Bath Street-Kirk Street

West Road - Glendale Road -Back to Catto Park-
Well done to Fred for completing a half marathon on Saturday in Majorca whilst on holiday!!!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New route tomorrow Night 2nd July

Change of plans tomorrow night see route above.
Catto Park, up line to bye pass. Turn left onto inside byepass road.
Cross over Asda Road (Longside Road) along byepass cycle track.
Till Kilmundy Road (past Dales Pavilion) -Cairntrodle -Grange Gardens
West Road - Crossfold Crescent Road- Catto Park

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Guess Who???

Some one sent me this photograph anonymously today. You can see its one of our group as he still has his medal from Hazelhead around his neck???? Least he not sleeping this time!!!! Wonder if he will provide the entertainment at the Christmas Party this year!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Tale of the Lost Gold Fish

I know some of have heard this story before about my GOLD FISH, but just in case i thought i put in the blog!!! This is just how it appeared in the jogscotland website!!

Around my neck I wear a fish on a chain; I got it from my Roselyn over 20 years ago for my Christmas. It was quite expensive then and is 24 carat gold. Being a fisherman I really liked it, and now I am "retired" from the fishing it has a lot of sentimental value. When we were running around the town yesterday, at about 4 miles I felt it drop to ground so I picked it up, put it in my pocket, zipped it up and carried on running thinking nothing more about it.
When I got home I went to take it out of my pocket, although the chain was there, there was no fish!! As you can appreciate panic started to set in, soon I found a hole in my pocket and realised to my horror the fish had fell out my pocket whilst jogging. As a result i decided to trace my route around the town walking off course as their was no way you would find it if you was jogging, well I would say it is worse than looking for a needle in haystack! I never realised there was so much gold out there! Ciggy Packets that is!
After an hour I got home and with no sign of it I decided to inform the Police in case some happened to hand it in. So I went in the Police station in Peterhead, and the Sergeant asked me if he could help. This is the funny bit; you have my permission to laugh! I immediately answered "I have lost a GOLD FISH” well he looked at me like a real idiot! Anyway, after a few minutes I was able to explain it was a real gold fish but nae the kind he was thinking! I bet he is still laughing about it now!
Well the good news is the Gold Fish turned up, I retraced my route for a third time, and found it lying on the ground not far from where it originally dropped to ground, and yes I did inform the Sergeant that my GOLD FISH had turned up, and of course he was delighted.
Lessons Learned:
Never wear expensive jewellery whilst out jogging
Never go to the Police Station reporting a lost GOLD FISH or you have every chance of being locked up straight away

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Fun Night at the Lido!!!

Plans are firmly in place for a fun night for all the family on Monday 21st July from 6 to 9pm during Scottish Week. We have been busy finalizing the plans for the night with the help of many other groups ,and organisations in the town. After the success of last year one of the main attractions will be the Peterhead Marinathon in aid of the Lifeboat and the Fishermens Mission, . This event which takes place at 7pm from the Marina Carpark, and is a 3k walk, jog or run for all ages, children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by an adult. Registration takes place on the night from Peterhead Sailing Club at 6pm to 6.45pm and only costs £2. Everyone completing the Marinathon will receive an medal, goodybag, and will be entered into a free prize draw for a bicycle, ipod or watch which will take place just before the Marinathon starts at 7pm. Only 300 places are available for the Marinathon, so tell your freinds to get there early to avoid disappointment.

To coincide with the Marinathon a fancy dress competition will be held in the Maritime and Heritage centre at 6.15pm (nautical theme preferred ie pirate, fisherman, fish wifie, lifeboat crew or even a lobster). All children entering the fancy dress competition, will also receive a free entry into the Marinathon. From 6.30pm till 7pm in the Marina Basin a rescue demonstration will also take place by Peterhead Lifeboat. After the Marinathon is completed at approximately 7.45pm a Karate demonstration will take place in front of theMaritime and Heritage Centre by Peterhead Karate Club. After the Karate demonstration is completed at approximately 8.15pm, a demonstration then will take place by the Peterhead Seacadets. During the evening the Maritime and Heritage Centre, and restaurant will also be open, and there will be sales tables in aid of the Fisherman Mission and the Lifeboat. The evening events are sponsored by Hughes, Macdonad and Davidson, Tennant First, FalckNutec and Peterhead Port Authority. Sponsorship and entry forms can be downloaded from the Scottish Week website at