Saturday, 28 June 2008

Guess Who???

Some one sent me this photograph anonymously today. You can see its one of our group as he still has his medal from Hazelhead around his neck???? Least he not sleeping this time!!!! Wonder if he will provide the entertainment at the Christmas Party this year!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Tale of the Lost Gold Fish

I know some of have heard this story before about my GOLD FISH, but just in case i thought i put in the blog!!! This is just how it appeared in the jogscotland website!!

Around my neck I wear a fish on a chain; I got it from my Roselyn over 20 years ago for my Christmas. It was quite expensive then and is 24 carat gold. Being a fisherman I really liked it, and now I am "retired" from the fishing it has a lot of sentimental value. When we were running around the town yesterday, at about 4 miles I felt it drop to ground so I picked it up, put it in my pocket, zipped it up and carried on running thinking nothing more about it.
When I got home I went to take it out of my pocket, although the chain was there, there was no fish!! As you can appreciate panic started to set in, soon I found a hole in my pocket and realised to my horror the fish had fell out my pocket whilst jogging. As a result i decided to trace my route around the town walking off course as their was no way you would find it if you was jogging, well I would say it is worse than looking for a needle in haystack! I never realised there was so much gold out there! Ciggy Packets that is!
After an hour I got home and with no sign of it I decided to inform the Police in case some happened to hand it in. So I went in the Police station in Peterhead, and the Sergeant asked me if he could help. This is the funny bit; you have my permission to laugh! I immediately answered "I have lost a GOLD FISH” well he looked at me like a real idiot! Anyway, after a few minutes I was able to explain it was a real gold fish but nae the kind he was thinking! I bet he is still laughing about it now!
Well the good news is the Gold Fish turned up, I retraced my route for a third time, and found it lying on the ground not far from where it originally dropped to ground, and yes I did inform the Sergeant that my GOLD FISH had turned up, and of course he was delighted.
Lessons Learned:
Never wear expensive jewellery whilst out jogging
Never go to the Police Station reporting a lost GOLD FISH or you have every chance of being locked up straight away

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Fun Night at the Lido!!!

Plans are firmly in place for a fun night for all the family on Monday 21st July from 6 to 9pm during Scottish Week. We have been busy finalizing the plans for the night with the help of many other groups ,and organisations in the town. After the success of last year one of the main attractions will be the Peterhead Marinathon in aid of the Lifeboat and the Fishermens Mission, . This event which takes place at 7pm from the Marina Carpark, and is a 3k walk, jog or run for all ages, children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by an adult. Registration takes place on the night from Peterhead Sailing Club at 6pm to 6.45pm and only costs £2. Everyone completing the Marinathon will receive an medal, goodybag, and will be entered into a free prize draw for a bicycle, ipod or watch which will take place just before the Marinathon starts at 7pm. Only 300 places are available for the Marinathon, so tell your freinds to get there early to avoid disappointment.

To coincide with the Marinathon a fancy dress competition will be held in the Maritime and Heritage centre at 6.15pm (nautical theme preferred ie pirate, fisherman, fish wifie, lifeboat crew or even a lobster). All children entering the fancy dress competition, will also receive a free entry into the Marinathon. From 6.30pm till 7pm in the Marina Basin a rescue demonstration will also take place by Peterhead Lifeboat. After the Marinathon is completed at approximately 7.45pm a Karate demonstration will take place in front of theMaritime and Heritage Centre by Peterhead Karate Club. After the Karate demonstration is completed at approximately 8.15pm, a demonstration then will take place by the Peterhead Seacadets. During the evening the Maritime and Heritage Centre, and restaurant will also be open, and there will be sales tables in aid of the Fisherman Mission and the Lifeboat. The evening events are sponsored by Hughes, Macdonad and Davidson, Tennant First, FalckNutec and Peterhead Port Authority. Sponsorship and entry forms can be downloaded from the Scottish Week website at

Race for Life 2008

Well done to Hazel, Fiona, Lindsay and Hilary for completing the Race for Life on Sunday, despite the weather been horrendous!!!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hazelhead 5k

It was fanastic the amount of you who took time to go to the Jogscotland 5k at Hazelhead on Thursday we were thrilled with the turn out!!
If want any of photographs just let me know, and we will arrange.
We are always interested on what you thought of the event and how you felt you got on. So come on dont be shy leave your comments on the blog, especially is you just started with us jogging in January. If want to see your time go to

Thanks to Alexander for all the wonderful photographs again
See them on

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Shirly Running in Aid of Cancer Research

Shirly Dyson is running the Glasgow Half Marathon on the 7th September in aid Cancer Research, and would love to raise as much money as possible for this worthy charity. If would like to make a donation, however small simply go to .

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Friday Night at the Lido (13th June)

Just in case you dont know were going out tomorrow night at 6.30pm Lido Carpark.
Everyone welcome beginners and intermediate.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Do you know that they are forecasting that by the year 2025 there will an explosion of diabetes
in the UK, that why its so important we all have a healthy diet and exercise daily.

Are you aware of anyone who would benefit from losing weight and getting more active?? Why dont you encourage them to come along to Peterhead Jogscotland when we start our beginners course on Monday 25th August. If they dont think jogging (in conjunction with eating more healthy) can make a different just tell them about Yvonne and Stuart they have lost over 6 stones between them since they joined Peterhead Jogscotland. To read the article simply click on this link

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Well Done Stuart

Well Done Stuart
If you didnt know Stuart is featured on the front page of the jogscotland website this week. Since Stuart started jogging with the encouragement in particular of Fred, and all at Peterhead Jogscotland (not just the leaders) he has lost a remarkable 5 stones. Its folk like Stuart that make Peterhead Jogscotland such a pleasure to be part off. Stuart thanks for sharing your story with us all, you are a real encouragement to us all. See Stuarts story on

Picnic/ Fun Day

Its confirmed!!! We are having our Picnic/ Fun Day at Aden Park on Sunday 17th August at 1pm. This event is not just for members of Peterhead Jogscotlan, please feel free to take your friends and family with you. Entertainment will include a treasure hunt with prizes, rounders men/boys verses ladies/girls, races for all ages, games for the children amongst us, and a few surprises along the way. Please give your names to any of leaders, as soon as possible as we need an idea of numbers attending.

West Highland Way

During the school holidays Edna and Michelle are walking (nae jogging) the 95 miles of the West Highland Way in aid of a school in India. Please show your support to then by sponsoring them during this challenge.