Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Interview at Marathon Expo

Whilst down in London we had to go to the Marathon Expo at the Excel Centre to pick up our registration packs, whilst there Alistair Currie Jogscotland Manager took time out to interview us for Jogscotland. To see the interview simply click on Alistairs blog http://2009miles.org.uk/

Monday, 27 April 2009

Thanks for everyone

Roselyn and i are just overwhelmed with the level of support yesterday , and since we started talking about taking part in the London Marathon. For the record i completed the Marathon in 4hrs 33 minutes and Roselyn completed it in 4 hrs 58 min, during the run Ros stood in a queue for the toilets for 8 minutes, which made her time even more incredible given the heat!! A fun story- during her time queuing 4 guys dressed in totos came in about all strapped together, only one of them was wanting the toilet, she said the guy got some abuse as you could imagine- this would only happen in the London Marathon!! To date we have about £9000 sitting in our Make A Wish account, however i spoke my mother this morning, and only yesterday she received 3 donations. Thank you- Thank you - Thank you for all your donations!! What the final total will be i just dont know but will be over £10,000!!!! It is really appreciated and many more kids with life threatening illness for our area will benefit because of your generosity than we ever thought possible. It was amazing day from the word go the crowds were huge, and they cheered us around the whole way!! One minutes we running with dalmation, the next minute a Rhino, we passed another a guy dressed up a Baywatch chick, one guy even run with a thong (which it stated he was paid £5000 to wear for charity). I stayed with Roselyn for the first 13 miles and then i went off on my own, given the heat (my face is all sunburned!!) i think i made the right decision as if i had gone off earlier i probably would have gone to fast and probably wouldnt have been able to finish!!! After we finished we had a reception with Make A Wish, and we got photographs taken with our medals. Roselyn and Steph are hitting the shops today, and i am "resting" (yes i know its not like me) back at the hotel. We fly back home tonight. Thanks again for everyones support. We have an amazing amount of friends in Peterhead and around the country through Jogscotland and we really appreciate everyone of you. Enjoy your jogging tonight, and we will see everyone on Wednesday night.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Track us online or on your mobile!!

Want know how we are getting tomorrow our numbers are Roselyn 40750 mine 40729 Simply follow this options Text Text the wor RUN to 83040 and adidas will send you a link to the mobile tracking service Enter simply our race numbers and the system will do the rest. Track Will locate our numbers Check our speeds (oh no) Opt in for SMS alerts on our start finish time Naviagate the course You can also track us online at www.adidas.com/running

Friday, 24 April 2009

Nae lang noo

Just thought i would give you an email fae sunny London!! Being to the Marathon Expo Centre today at the Excel Exhibition Centre. All registered now so we have no excuses now!!. Meet Alistair Currie of Jogscotland for a coffee and chats so it was good to catch up. Have a great time at Balmoral if you are taking part. Stephen and Roselyn xxx

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Routes and Thanks

Dear All Before i give the routes for next week just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has supported us with our Marathon training and with donations for Make A Wish. Roselyn and i have been really touched with the level of support we have received all along the way. Our total is nearing the £9000 mark thanks to everyone of you!! Many children from our area with life threatening illness will benefit because of your generosity. Also our big nicht oot is on the Friday 8th May at the Palace Hotel. Diane and Katrina are now taking the money in, tickets cost £15 which includes a sit down meal and disco and we still have some spaces available Routes for next week are as follows. Monday Beginners Stuart, Elaine W, Stewart, Stewart St 5 min brisk walk- 12 mins 1min walk – 1 min jog walk rest of way-(2K distance) Balmoor Terrace- Windmill Road (past Lidis) West Road- Glendale Road- Crossfold Cres- Back to track Intermediate Fred, Hazel, Elaine L, Marilyn 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging -3.0km Catto Drive - Crossfolds, up the line- Off a Inverugie Court- Down the brae- Collieburn Park- In the Path past Gillanders- Balmoor Terrace Past Fitba Stadium Advanced Katrina, Diane, Stephen C, Fraser 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging- 6.0km Down Balmoor Terrace-Queen Street- Chapel Street- Broad Street- Along harbour (past mission Up past Fresh Catch- Kirk Street- West Road- Windmill Road - Balmoor Terrace Past Staduim. Track Mondays Leigh and Nicola Wednes Beginners Leigh, Stephen B, Katrina, Diane, Stewart, Stephen C 5 min brisk walk- 12 mins 1min walk – 1 min jog walk rest of way-(2K distance) Catto Drive - Crossfolds- West road- Windmill Road Past Lidis - Balmoor Terrace down past football stadium Intermediate Stuart, Roselyn, Elaine W, Nicola 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging -3.0km Up past fitba stadium- Balmoor Terrace- North Road- Past Gillander- onto path Collieburn park- Up the brae- Inverugie Court onto Line- Crossfolds- Catto Drive Advanced Stewart St, Fred, Hazel, Elaine L, Marilyn, 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging- 6.0km Balmoor Terrace- up past lidis Windmill Road- Down West Road-Kirk Street Down past Fresh Catch -around Harbour to Broad Street, Chapel Street- Queen St up Balmoor Brae - back past Stadium

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Peterhead has gone jogging crazy

It been a record week at Peterhead Jogscotland over 230 different people have attended our jogging sessions this week. If your are one of them i hope you feel proud of being part of one biggest Jogscotlands in our country!! We are really proud of each and every member of Peterhead Jogscotland, and we luv being part of it all. To see a clip of everyone leaving to go jogging simply click here.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

New Groups This Week

Fred and Stephen hands over a cheque for £550 to the Starlight Parade Committee,
which was raised during our Easter Fun Run.
Please encourage your family/ friends or work colleagues to join our new beginners group which starts this week, it really could make a difference to their quality of life, by getting more active!!!
Remember we are a non-competitive jogging group and we are all about Fun, Friendship and Fitness!! However we will encourage everyone to reach their potential in a friendly environment.
At Peterhead Jogscotalnd you will be made welcome, whatever your level of fitness. If you have any question dont hesitate to ask any of our leaders as we are all here to help!!
Week One Schedule is as follows
Monday Beginners 5 min brisk walk – 10 min 30 secs walk -30 secs jogging- walk rest of way ( 2K distance) Stephen B, Katrina, Diane, Stewart Catto Park, Balmoor Terrace-Down the Brae, Catto drive past Steak house, Balmoor Terrrace. Past Football Staduim, back to running track Intermediate group 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging- 3.0km Stuart, Roselyn, Elaine Weir, Nicola Balmoor Terrace- Cross Road- Down Brae- Hay Crescent- Ware Road- Buchanhaven Harbour along prom-Turn off at old Fish house-Up Golf Road Blackhouse Terrace- Balmoor Terrace- Down past Staduim Advanced Group 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging-6.0km Fred, Hazel, Elaine L, Marilyn, Stewart St Catto Park- Crossfolds Crescent- Cross West Road- Cairntrodle-Forman Drive Cross Clerkhill Road- Forman Drive- South Road - King Street-Ugie Street- Ugie Road Blackhouse Terrace- Balmoor Terrace- Back past staduim- one lap of track Track Monday Leigh and Stephen Campbell
Wednesday Beginners 5 min brisk walk – 10 min 30 secs walk -30 secs jogging- walk rest of way ( 2K distance) Stuart, Fred, Hazel, Elaine L, Marilyn, Stephen B, Up past football staduim- down to roundabout-pass Steahouse- Catto Drive - Up Balmoor Terrace brae- Down past football stadium again Intermediate 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging- 3.0km Katrina, Diane, Roselyn, Stephen C Balmoor Terrace- Cross Road- Down Blackhouse Terrace- Golf Road- Down Old Fish house path Onto prom- Buchanhaven harbour- Ware Road- Hay Crescent- up a balmoor brae- down past staduim to running track. Advanced Group 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging-6.0km Stewart, Elaine Weir, Nicola, Leigh Balmoor Terrace- Blackhouse Terrace- Ugie Road- Ugie Street- King Street- South Road- Up Forman Drive- Cross Clerkhill Road- Forman Drive- Cairntrodle- Grange Gardens- West Road- Crossfolds- Catto Drive-one lap of the track jogging to finish

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Saturday Run

Dear All Roselyn and i are doing our finally Weekend run before the Marathon on Saturday at 9am from Catto Park. We will be doing 2 x 5miles so please join us at 9am or 10am. We have been really encouraged this past 14 weeks when you have run with us, and it would be great if you could join us this Saturday. Latest news on the funding raising for Make A Wish is we have now raised approximately £8500. Thanks to each of you for your terrific support Stephen and Ros p.s we luv being part of Peterhead Jogscotland

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Routes this week (13th April)

Even though its a local holiday tomorrow we are still meeting.
Monday Beginners Stephen B, Fred, Hazel and Elaine Lemon Crossfolds, West Road, Eden Drive, Cairntrodle, Forman Drive, South Road, Up West Road, Crossfolds Crescent Back to Track. 5 min walk 3k Continous Jogging Intermediate and Advanced Diane, Katrina, Elaine Weir, Stephen C, Stewart, Stuart Main, Hazel, Nicola, Marilyn, Roselyn Crossfolds, Down West Road, Onto South Road, along path Lido-Onto South Road Again- Dales Road, Meethill Road, Down West Road Crossfolds Cres- Back to track. 5min Walk- 5.5 km continous jogging. Track Mondays Leigh Wednesday. Beginners Stephen B, Katrina, Diane, Stephen C, Stuart Main,
Crossfolds, Down West Road, South Road, Forman Drive, Cairntrodle, Eden Drive, West Road, Crossfolds, Catto Drive back to track. 5 min walk 3k continous jogging.
Intermediate and Advance - Choice 5 or 10k?? All the rest of the leaders. Balmoor Terrace- Down the Brae- Hay Cres- Ware Road- Buchanhaven Harbour, Along Prom past bridge- Along River path Collieburn Park, up Brae Inverugie Road- Down on to line past Inverugie court-Down line- to Crossfolds The choice is then yours?? Crossfolds back onto running track to finish a 5k or onto Glendale Road, Up West road, Meethill Road, Dales Road, South Road, Up West Road, Crossfold Cres, Catto Drive back to track for another 5k-10k in total.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dates for Your Diary

Just thought i would give you some dates for your diary!! Mon 20th April - New groups start - Beginners 1-3k, Intermediate group 3-6k Advanced 6-10k this takes you through to Wednesday 24th June. The choice is yours!!! Sat 25th April- Balmoral 5 and 10k we are now collecting payment for the bus-£5 only Sun 26th April - Roselyn and i are running the London Marathon for more details visit here Wed 6th May - Peterhead Jogscotland AGM at Living Water Church. Fri 8th May - Party/ Disco Night -Were not all about jogging, please join us for a meal and disco at the Palace Hotel. Sat 16th May-Longside 10k and 5k fun run- this is a really well organised event. To register click here Sun 24th May - Baker Hughes 10k-If you have never taken part in an organised 10k before, then here's your chance. We are currently taking names for the bus. To register click here http://www.born2run.co.uk/Pages/Event.aspx?eventId=3884 Tues 16th June- Jogscotland 5k at Haddo House. Again we are organising a bus to this Jogscotland organised event. To register click here http://www.jogscotland.org.uk/other-pages/fixtures-apply?num=1 Sun 21st June - Race for Life 5k -why not join Katrina and Diane for this wonderful event in Aberdeen Wednes 24th June -To mark the end of our 10 week programme- Summer Fun Run 3k, 6k and 10k donation in aid of Cancer Research (Relay for Life). Sat 27th June- Yes its the BRG Challenge walk, jog or cycle 17.5miles from Fraserburgh to Gardenstown. A few us have done this the last couple of years. For more information see http://www.brgchallenge.com/
Scottish Week Events
Sat 18th July - Starlight Parade 10k or Half Marathon walk around Peterhead in aid of the Scottish Spifida Association. Roselyn is the committee for this event and has entry forms. Mon 20th Jul Peterhead Marinathon 3k walk, jog or run at the Lido £2 entry fee only Sat 25/26th Jul - Relay for Life, can you do a 30 minute slot on the track, to help us acheive our goal of jogging 24hrs on the track Non- stop in aid of Cancer Research. To sign up to be part of our Team click here

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Easter Fun Run

Despite the weather on Friday night what a brillant turn out we had at our Easter Fun Run in aid the of Scottish Spina Bifida Assocation. Over 110 people took part and so far we have raised the terrific sum of £530. Thanks to every one who took part in the 3, 6 or 10k fun runs i hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks to all Jogscotland leaders who acted a Marshalls on the night, and who were a great encouragement to all thoses taking part, and also thanks to all the ladies who helped with teas and fine pieces afterwards (Jackies baking was great!!). Finally a big thanks to Alexander for the great photographs again it is really appreciated. To see all photographs simply click here http://picasaweb.google.com/stephenpeterheid/EasterFunRun09#

Garioch 10k

We had a great time up at the Garioch 10k last Sunday to see all the photographs click here http://picasaweb.google.com/stephenpeterheid/Garioch10k#
Thanks to Alexander and Stuart for the photographs