Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Well Done Diane and Elaine

What fantastic day we had with Diane and Elaine on Sunday. It was a really honour to be with them as they completed final leg of the Triathlon a 5 miles jog around the town.
They started at 9am on Sunday morning and finish at 1pm in the afternoon in the swam for 1 miles, cycled 15 miles and jog for 5 miles all in aid of Cancer Research. The great news is they raised over £400 for this wonderful charity!!
What an acheivement it was, Ladies you should so proud of yourselves!! I know we are!!!
To see some photograph of there wonderful acheivement click here

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Diane and Elaine (Sunday 28th June) Tomorrow!!

As many of you know Diane and Elaine (tomorrow) have taken up the challenge of completing a Tri-athlon in aid of Cancer Research
Why not come along and support them!! These times are just approximate but wont be far out!!
9am -10 am 1mile swim 64 Lengths of Peterhead Swimming
10- 11.45 - 15 miles on the bicycle out to approximately Mintlaw and back along the Buchan Line. Starting on line from beside the Academy
12 noon 1.15 - 5 Mile jog around the toon, many us are joining Diane and Elaine for this last leg. Leaving from Catto Park at approximately 12 noon, feel free to join us!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Leigh and Stewart

Best wishes to Leigh and Stewart who will be taking part in the Chevy Chase Fell race on Saturday 4th July, this race takes you through 20 miles of the most beautiful scenery in Northumberland, and promises to quite a challenge. Stewart and Leigh have taken on this challenge along with some friends Stewart works offshore with. By taken part in this challenge they hope to raise lots of money for the Edinburgh Sick Children Foundation which supports the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. To see more details on Chevy Chase Fell simple click Leigh and Stewart name title at top of the page.

Summer Fun Run 3, 6 or 10k Challenge Tonight

Well done to George and Emma!!
Thanks to everyone who took part tonight in our summer fun run in aid of Cancer Research, with your help we have raised the amazing amount of £600!! The following people won prizes in our free prize draw Rose Macphail, Alistair Hastie, Karen Jones, Stewart Chalmers, Jennifer Greig, D.Taylor, Neil Ritchie, Louise Cooper, Marilyn Gordon, Elaine Lemon, Craig Watson, Shona J, Ali Marshall, Roselyn Mutch, Gordon Willox, Anne Cordiner, Maria Wilson, Nick Strong, Tyler Stephen, Michael Allardyce, Morag Cunningham and Tracey McLean. Prizes can picked up next Monday or Wednesday. Remember we have an informal track session at 6pm tomorrow night, and on Friday night we are doing a 10k fae Dales Park Pavilion at 6.30pm. Thanks again for your great support. If you have any comments about tonight or how your enjoying Peterhead Jogscotland, we appreciate your feedback simply go comments section in the website it will only take a few minutes. If you want they can be kept confidential!!! We luv being part of Peterhead Jogscotland!!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Summer Fun Run 3, 6 or 10k Challenge

Next Wednesday 24th June at 6.30pm we are holding our Summer Fun Run its 3, 6 or 10k up the Buchan line starting at Catto park, if you have any families, friends or work colleagues who would like to come along they are more than welcome to join us. This event is in aid of our Cancer Research/ Or Relay for Life Appeal, all we are looking for is a donation in aid of this very worthwhile charity. Jim, Diane and Katrina will be on hand to give your time if you wish when cross the finishing line. Everyone entering the event (along with the helpers) will be entered into a free prize draw, and there will be lots of eats at the end, so please stay back for a while and enjoy the banter. We will be also sharing our plans for over the summer months until we start a beginners group in August.

Diane and Elaine

On Sunday 28th June (next Sunday) Diane Forman and Elaine Weir two off our dedicated jogscotland leaders are taking on the challenge of completing a Tri-athlon in aid of Cancer Research /our Relay for Relief funding raising effort. It starts at 9am with a 60 lengths of the Peterhead Swimming Pool followed on by a 15 mile cycle up and back the Old Railway line/track. Finally they complete the challenge with a 5 mile jog around Peterhead. As well as sponsoring Diane and Elaine why not show your support to Diane and Elaine by joining them on a leg of this challenge, or simply by coming out to cheer them on.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Donation Station

Thanks to everyone who donated a bag to our donation station. I received this certificate today. With you help we raised £1179.75 for Cancer Research. Thanks for all your fantastic support!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Haddo House 5k 2009

We were so proud of all our group at Haddo House last night. I really hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as Roselyn and i did. Thanks to everyone who took part and made it a memorable night. Special thanks to George for providing the bus and driving us up, and even going to the bother of getting the sign changed on the bus to Peterhead Jogscotland!! Thanks also to Alexander and Stuart for the wonderful photographs, if you would like any photographs printed out just let me know. To see all the photographs click here

Saturday, 13 June 2009

T Shirt Competition

I havent spoken about it for a while. Are you going away on holiday in the near future well we are running a competition to get your photograph taken in an usual place (or with someone famous!!) with your Peterhead Jogscotland T Shirt. Catherine won last years competition, here you see her on the famous Skywalk of the Grand Cannon with my brother Peter whilst on holiday in USA. This year part of their holiday will be spent In Rome perhaps she will come back with a photograph with her and Pope, now that would something else!!!

Charity Weigh In Challenge

Many of you have being taken part in the Charity Weigh In Challenge, well the 20 weeks competition finished last week and on Monday we will announcing the winners. I dont know the results but Diane says the results this time have been amazing. Well done to all those who took part. We will starting a charity weigh in again in August. In the mean remember all you/I(Yes i am talking to myself) have to do to lose weight is cut out eating between meals, eat heathly and get more active (with the help of Peterhead Jogscotland offcourse!). I know from experience it easier said than done, but i found keeping a note book or diary of all you eat helps to keep you on the right track. The Charity Weigh in costs only £5 and the winner nominates the charity the money will go to!! Last time Marshall won and the money went to the Guide Dogs for the blind. What better way to loss weight than knowing a charity will benefit by your efforts!!!!!

New Website Site

Well were back up and running with a brand new website as well as the blog. If you have comments simply go to contacts and send us an email it will be really appreciated. I hope will find it simple to use, and dont worry we still keep the blog up to date. For those of you who werent able to come last Wednesday we will have our new TShirt on show again on Monday night cost £10. Some breaking news Waves FM will be broadcast live fae the Lido the night of the Marinathon, it will be great to see them back to Lido during Scottish Week!!!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Baker Hughes 10k

We had a brillant time at the Baker Hughes 10k with over 33 of our group taking part including Stephanie who run the whole way with 2 different shoes on, and didnt notice till she was finished. The evidence is there for all to see!! Well done to all those who were taking part in a 10k for the first time, you did amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 8

Monday Beginner - 3k - 5 mins walking -13 minutes continious jogging -1 min walking 1 min jogging rest of the way. Intermediate - 5k- 5 mins brisk walking - 5k continious jogging Advance- 8.5k 5 mins brisk walking- 8.5 k continious jogging Wednesday Beginners -same as monday - but reverse route Intermediate and Advanced Groups 5k -5 mins brisk walking -5k continious jogging.