Monday, 4 March 2013

Peterhead To Fraserburgh Beach Run

Well thats the Peterhead to Fraserburgh Beach Run over for another year, i think thats the fourth time i have done it and it was the best conditions yet. Two years ago we have a northly gale and it was such a struggle i said i never do it again ha ha. This year my time was 2 hrs 28 mins which was delighted about and beaches all the way were just amazing. Its a shame we dont get better weather in our small corner of world as we must some of most beautiful beaches in the world. Whens last time parked at Scotstoun or drive down to Rattray and walked the beach? This year Beach Run was biggest entry yet and being going for over 20 years hopefully it will keep growing!! Thanks to Sandy and Carol Hastie for organise and all who helped on the day.